A Sound Vision, Inc. (ASV) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation located in Sacramento, CA, servicing the greater Sacramento area. Founded in 2008, its mission is to provide hope and motivation through inspirational based stage plays, in a family friendly environment. The organizational goals are to provide theatrical training, and exposure to under privileged children and at risk youth. Every year, ASV holds auditions for its upcoming plays. Those chosen are given an opportunity to participate in the art of theater in all its parts. For example, participants may act, direct, sing, dance, design, manage, build, and provide crew support on our productions as part of their training. 

It is important for a participant to learn what is involved in creating a role, working in an ensemble, making the space of the theater come alive with a design, and learning how to communicate, and be clear about ideas and the basic needs for a production.

With a solid grounding in fundamental theater practices, participants begin their journey to find their unique voice while building their confidence, public speaking and reading skills.

The opportunity to perform and understudy in ASV’s professional productions is invaluable, although these opportunities will vary widely from season to season. Participants may also perform in staged readings or workshops of new scripts being developed by playwright Fernlea Murchison's unique perspective on theater.

The impact theater can have on the community is important; hence, ASV's unwavering dedication is to provide high quality - low cost entertainment for Sacramento working families